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3 Tips For Keeping Callers On The Line


“Verizon has absolutely bizarre hold music. …and then the bot hung up on me. What utter indignity!” Hey, Verizon! That’s one of your customers in a recent tweet.

Could your caller be tweeting about your music on hold?

Here are 3 quick tips to generate a positive reaction from callers on hold:

1) Talk to one caller, in personal terms. Speak as though there is only one customer on the line. Phrases that address, “you”, “your” as opposed to referring to “our patients” or “customers”. I don’t want to hear that you’re helping someone else–I want to be treated like the only customer you have.

2) Let the caller know you understand their situation. Your caller has a need; perhaps a problem that you’re going to solve. Start by addressing the need. Show understanding for the reason your caller is on the line and willing to hold. For example, a waste management company says, “It can be frustrating if your trash wasn’t picked up on time…” A medical office might show an understanding for billing needs, or talk about a focus on making patients comfortable.

3) Keep messages short. How much can someone remember from a message on hold? Not much. Make short statements that are wrapped around one idea. Avoid long lists and detailed descriptions.

Try a free music on hold message demo and play around with this approach.

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