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What Your Callers Are Saying After They Hang Up


Here’s some chatter from the blogosphere that should make corporate marketing managers think about what their callers are saying after they hang up from a bad “on hold” experience.

“After hearing Fur Elise go through its little 30 second clip about 50 times it makes me want to hang the d*** phone up….maybe that is their plan. To wear me down?”

“Most of the time the music clarity is not there or the loop of music is poorly done or I am told fifty thousand times I am on hold….. couldn’t someone just do this right?”

“I called the toll-free number on the ‘Collections  Notice.’ I was referred to another toll-free number by a recorded message. I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes of the WORST and LOWEST FIDELITY hold music I have ever had to experience.”

I have no further comment.


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