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Calming Music For Pets Certified Fear Free®

Vets Improve Practice With Special Calming Music For Pets

Dog and cat lovers will tell you, pet anxiety is a real thing. Fortunately, pet stress is a subject that has been getting more attention in recent years. Now Brandi Music, offered by Easy On Hold, has received Fear Free® certification for its streaming music channel designed to reduce anxiety. With the development of the Brandi Music Pet Care channel, pet care professionals now have a source of legal, licensed background music designed to ease pet anxiety.

Try the Brandi Music Pet Care Channel free for 14 days. Complete the request for a free consultation; we’ll contact you to get your trial set up right away. Free Consultation/Free Trial

The Positive Effect of Calming Music For Pets

A survey of 906 dog guardians in Italy found most people report their dog as being stressed at all stages of the visit to a vet clinic, from being in the waiting room to being examined by the vet.

Zazie Todd, PhD, writing in Companion Animal Psychology

“Studies have shown that certain musical sounds have a positive effect on pets. Results include less barking, relaxed respiration and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol,” says Tim Brown, Brandi Music founder.

“The Fear Free ® certification gives confidence to pet care professionals that our Pet Care channel meets the standards and goals set by Fear Free to improve pet health and well-being,” Brown said.

Brandi Music joins 66,000 veterinary and pet professionals committed to being Fear Free Certified®, a program launched by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr. Marty Becker.

Fear Free Music Design

The creation of a licensed music service designed for pet care providers was driven by veterinarians who have been expanding research and education of pet anxiety. Creating Fear Free ® vet visits has been a major focus of the pet care profession in recent years.

The music on Brandi’s Pet Care channel is calming, often classical music. Curators take special care to be sure there are no percussive sounds that might suggest thunder, traffic or slamming doors. Sound frequencies are in the lower-to-middle range of hearing (which can be acute in dogs). The music is instrumental, to avoid the suggestion that strangers are nearby.

Some light pop music may help calm pets and pet owners, according to recent studies. Brandi music subscriptions (about $35 per month) include 70 channels of various musical genres.

How Professionals Use Calming Music For Pets In Professional Environments

The service works as a streaming music service from just about any web-connected device. A 2-channel business music audio system is offered for a more professional approach.

The Easy On Hold website offers more information about music for business.

A key feature of Brandi Music is that it is a fully licensed service. That means performance rights organizations are compensated appropriately for the commercial use of music at the professional pet care facility. The use of personal music subscription services, which are not licensed, can lead to fines.

Brandi Music is a streaming music service for business service that provides a robust and intuitive interface for creating a unique audio brand. Brandi Music continuously updates music, allows businesses to build custom schedules, mix up to 4 channels at once, designate zones for unique programming, and add announcements into the mix. The parent company Easy On Hold® also enables businesses to host the same content in the phone on-hold queue.

Fear Free Pet Care Music Free Trial

Try the Brandi Music Pet Care Channel free for 14 days. Complete the request for a free consultation; we’ll contact you to get your trial set up right away. Free Consultation/Free Trial

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