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Get Some Fresh On Hold Marketing Started


Get Some Fresh On Hold Marketing Started

appleIn the old days you could reach your audience by buying some radio and newspaper ads and you’d be on your way. While mass media can help, today it’s hardly enough.

Where is your buyer?

Today’s advertisers need to be innovative. The goal is to get the ads in front of the right people, at the right place and time. If your product is available in a grocery store, for example, you may be able to get your message to buyers while they’re shopping. You can place ads in shopping carts, on the floor of the store, and we’ve even heard of ads on the belt at the checkout line and in the stripes in the parking lot! And don’t forget the restroom!

Marketing On Hold

If you take calls from potential buyers, you likely have some “on hold” time. Since this caller is already connecting with you, they’re the right person… and what better time for a marketing on hold message? In fact, you may not get any other chance. Recently at a local restaurant, we asked for a “take home” box. It arrived with handsome advertising on it. Pizzas are delivered with fliers and coupons attached. We found a neat collection of innovative ads at: Remember, however, that many of these unique ads are meant to drive traffic and phone calls.

Get your on hold marketing going!

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