Blogs and forums are abuzz with chatter about the music on hold Delta Airlines was playing last week. While hundreds of flights were being canceled due to the wintery blast that hit the east coast, callers on hold were treated to “Let It Snow”.

One comment was: “Flights grounded by wintry weather. So what hold music does Delta play? ‘Let it snow’. Tactful.”

Blogger Katie McNeil writes, “We spent Sunday listening to Delta’s hold music. (No joke, they were playing, ‘Let it snow’ which, as you recall, has a lyric that says “Since we’ve no place to go…” Ummm, I’m on hold with Delta airlines, I would think I have SOMEPLACE TO GO.) Little miss customer representative tells us kindly the earliest flight she can get us on is CHRISTMAS NIGHT. Yeah, that would be five days later.”

This music on hold tune was gaining word-of-mouth viral attention. One blogger writes, ” Someone my brother knows was on hold with Delta trying to reschedule her flight this past weekend. Her original flight was canceled because of the snow. Delta’s choice for hold music? ‘Let it Snow’.”

Since most of us don’t blame Delta for the snow storm, it looks like the music on hold choice won’t hurt the airline. Now we know that if we have to call Delta and get put on hold, you might hear something interesting (or ironic) and at least won’t be left in silence.

Does this make you think about what you’ve got on your hold button. Music On Hold Messages can and DO get noticed!


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