Your Call Is Not Important To Us, Please Hold


“If my call is so important, then why did you place me on hold?”

As a business owner, you may not have a choice. Some “on-hold” time is going to happen. The problems start when you ignore your hold time or mismanage it.

Boston area Internet marketing consultant Bill Enross puts forth a thought-provoking profile of today’s consumer. Among a long list of characteristics are:

* She expects someone to answer the phone when she calls that can actually HELP.
* She is SICK of off-shore call centers, erroneously called “help desks.”
* She is SICK of you telling him how important her call is while she stands on hold.
* She is SICK of your recorded hold message.
* She demands the truth. All the time.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Your caller knows she is on hold. Use that time to talk to her. Imagine what help she could use and provide some insight using short, conversational statements.

If hold time is inevitable, then use it strategically, using the caller’s perspective.

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