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On Hold Messages Provide Obamacare Tips, Help

If your oAttractive Hispanic Woman with Male Doctor or Nurse Isolated on a White Background.rganization delivers health care or health care services in some way, you can use your telephone on hold messages to provide tips and help on Obamacare. Your telephone is a powerful connector between you and your clients. Use it to become more visible than your competitor and to earn callers’ trust and loyalty.

On Hold Messages Can Calm Curious Callers

There is mass confusion (and some mass hysteria) among the American population about Obamacare, also known as the “Affordable Care Act”. Who has to do what and by when? From experience, we know that when patients or customers place a call for help, and are asked to wait on-hold, frustration begins to build. The longer the hold time, the more infuriated some callers become! Information on hold will deliver helpful information in a respectful, considerate way. If you can be the one to explain it or help steer them to the right resources, you’ll be the hero.

Health Insurance Providers Promote Expertise In On Hold Messages

Do you sell health insurance? Have you become certified to sell individual coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace? Not all your competitors have, and Americans can only buy individual coverage through certified agents, or try to navigate the exchange themselves. We have learned that commissions have been built into the policy rates, so a shopper is better served by using you rather than a DIY approach. Use callers on-hold time to promote your expertise. Ask an Easy On Hold music on hold expert to go through your on hold message thoroughly to make sure it is packed with high-value statements that are brief and easily understood by the layperson. In this way, you position yourself as an expert on the exchanges. (Be sure to use these talking points in a news release to your local radio and tv stations, to obtain extra coverage.)