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Promote Trade Show On Hold Message


Getting ready for a trade show? Remember to promote it on your hold button.

Your music on hold message is a targeted marketing tool that is perfect for building attendance at your trade shows. Easy On Hold client Bermo Enterprises promotes appearances at various shows in Las Vegas and New York. Easy On Hold client Intermountain Lock and Security is currently promoting their trade show exclusively.

Get maximum impact by repeating the trade show deals and offers; take a break from other “frequently asked questions” such as your hours of operation, and delete “thank you for holding” phrases (callers are aware that they’re on hold!). Use this valuable time to get a result: more attendance at your event.

Cvent reminds us: In addition to sending reminder emails, keep in mind the other easy methods for encouraging attendance at your event. Promote your event on your website, in your blog, and in your monthly e-newsletter. Add a line in your email signature with a link to your custom event website. If you have voice mail or an online hold message, make sure to include your upcoming event information (date, time, and how to register) in your recorded message.

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