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Survey Confirms “Being On Hold” Makes Customers Angry


In an article called, “Know What Makes Your Customers Angry”, guest writer Marco Pacelli (CEO, ClickFox) writes in Bloomberg Businessweek about customer service slip-ups that can get customers hot and bothered.

In a survey, ClickFox asked more than 1,500 consumers what really makes them get ticked off. Their top three responses:

• Speaking with multiple agents and starting over every time.

• Dealing with rude or inexperienced representatives or service technicians.

Being kept on hold for long periods of time or unable to use self-service options successfully.

Losing customers is not an option… so why not pull out all the stops to help your callers get to know you or fall in love with you all over again. In addition to the tips in the original article, we would like to offer a few ways your music on hold message can be utilized to help with common customer irritations.

Be consistent. If using an auto-attendant, use the same voice as your on-hold messaging. This helps gives the impression of a seamless operation and cuts down on the feeling that the caller is being bounced around to different connections and agents.

Remember why callers are reaching out to you. Do the callers want technical help? Price quotes? Need to make an appointment? Convince your callers that you know their needs by targeting specific announcements in your messages on hold. Stay away from generic hold music solutions.

Promote web service. If callers can get help online, carefully instruct them to use your site to their benefit.  Be certain to use this information in your hold music message. You may be able to save them a phone call–and save them the frustration of having to wait on hold.

Don’t put it off! Ask yourself, which caller can I do without? Which caller is going to bring in business? Can I afford to lose even one call?

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