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Elevate Your Business With Christmas Music On Hold


Do you hear what I hear?

Do you hear what I hear? Yes, that’s the sound of Christmas music. We all love the festive tunes, which is why holiday music seems to start playing earlier each year. In fact, radio stations in Michigan were playing “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” as early as November 6th, and they won’t stop for at least seven weeks. One station in Alabama even began playing Christmas music a whole week before Halloween! What if your customers, patients, members, etc. could hear Christmas music on hold when they call your business?

The Power of Christmas Music in Business

Have you ever thought about using Christmas music on hold for your business? It turns out that this delightful holiday tradition can do more than just spread cheer—it can also boost sales. Terrie Schwartz, Marketing Director for Wedel’s Nursery, Florist and Garden Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, knows this well. She uses a streaming retail music service from Easy On Hold to keep customers humming. Christmas music starts playing the day after Thanksgiving at Wedel’s, both in their retail space and on their phone-on-hold messages. Wedel’s is just one of many retailers who’ve embraced the magic of music in their marketing plan.

Phone On Hold Technology and Christmas Music On Hold

If you thought of putting some catchy holiday on hold background music, but never got around to it, now’s your chance. Modern technology, such as live-streaming audio, has made it easier than ever to include and automatically remove seasonal hold messages. Here’s how it works:

Easy On Hold’s streaming delivery system includes a user-friendly log-in that lets you set end dates for specific announcements. You can also contact your production coordinator to have schedules set up on demand. The Content Control Center brings tools like scheduling, scripting, and social sharing together in a simple online control panel.

Sound Familiar? That’s Intentional.

Your brain is filled with thousands of tunes, some you might wish you could forget. It’s fascinating how our brains create neural pathways for every memory we hold. It only takes a small trigger to bring a memory forward. Like a record in a jukebox, the right tune can bring memories back, lighting up your brain’s pleasure circuit like a Christmas tree.

It happens with Christmas music on hold, and Christmas music as in-store, overhead background music in restaurants, retailers, and other businesses. The effect is powerful.

This powerful effect goes beyond just memories; it influences our emotions and behavior. As Live Science reports:

“What seems to happen is that a piece of familiar music serves as a soundtrack for a mental movie that starts playing in our head.” said Petr Janata, a cognitive neuroscientist at University of California, Davis. “It calls back memories of a particular person or place, and you might all of a sudden see that person’s face in your mind’s eye.”

Live Science

Choosing On Hold Announcements With Music

There are some great renditions of Christmas music that can be legally licensed for your use as hold music or as a background for a message on hold. If you already have a message on hold that you like, consider updating the music with an appropriate tune. Here are a few options to consider:

Seasons Greetings announcements:  “We’re wishing you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year”

End-of-year marketing messages: “New models arriving soon.” “Closeouts before January first.” “Join us for our holiday open house.”

Holiday hours: “We’ll be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.”

To make it even easier for you, we have a library of pre-recorded holiday greetings to add to your messages to bring some holiday spirit to your hold queue. And if you have a custom message script, we’ll help you polish it up and get it recorded with our 3-day turnaround time.

Head to our holiday page to browse music, add greetings or custom messages, and receive a quote today.

Choosing Holiday Music for Your Business

Our website offers a complete listing of holiday and Christmas music options for on-hold messages and in-store background music:

Holiday Music for On-Hold
Holiday Music for Overhead and In-Store

You’ll find a variety of options, including:

Instrumental Christmas Music: Carols and familiar songs associated with a traditional Christmas celebration. Styles range from contemporary to traditional orchestral. No vocals.

Christmas Music Hits: Popular songs about Christmas time and holiday celebrations. Styles include pop, jazz, orchestral, and peaceful.

We now have several tracks available that feature solo piano works by popular composer/pianist Jim Brickman. Brickman has produced six gold and platinum albums. Another major artist we offer is Manheim Steamroller, featuring Chip Davis. His concert tours regularly sell out, especially at Christmastime.

Now is the time!

Make your business’s hold experience festive and memorable with the right Christmas music this holiday season. Explore our selection today!

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