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Does Your Customer Know You Care?



Sometimes you find a gem among the truckloads of advice on “improving  customer service” published on the web. Here’s one offered by Business 2 Community, a forum offering “valuable insights from both a business-to-consumer and business-to-business perspective helping us truly create a ‘Business-to-Community’ experience.”

In a discussion focusing on the decision-making element of perceived indifference, a feeling a customer gets when customer care is lacking, these tips are provided for putting more care in customer-care:

  1. Do you answer the phone on the second ring every time?
  2. Do people have an on-hold message to listen to? (And does is provide useful upsell info?)
  3. Do you thank your customers or potential customers for calling?
  4. Do you thank your customers or potential customers for visiting your business/or website?
  5. Do you thank your customers for buying from you?
  6. Do you and your team always arrive on time for meetings with customers?
  7. Do you deliver products or services when you say you will every time?
  8. Do you always let your customers know beforehand if there’s a problem?
  9. Do you always return phone calls the same day you get the message?
  10. Does each team member take responsibility for helping customers or do they hand around customer problems from one to another or from department to department?
  11. Are team members empowered to provide compensation / service recover following a complaint?
  12. Do you stay in touch with customers regularly?
  13. Do you keep your customers informed about new things happening in your business?
  14. Do you thank your customers when they pay on time – every time?
  15. Do you have a policity to turn your mobile phone OFF/silent when in meetings with customers or potential customers?  (I have to throw this one is as it’s a particular bug bear of mine which I find totally ‘rude’ and is a strong example of ‘perceived indifference’).

Some of these issues can be solved quite simply, such as lining up a firm such as Easy On Hold to write and deliver meaningful messages on hold. Do your customers know you care?


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