7 Things To Never Say In Your Message On Hold


On hold messaging has gotten a bad rap, and it’s for good reason. On hold scripts and announcers can sound fake and insincere. Here’s an example: “We’ll we with you momentarily.” Now, who talks like that?

Recently, Easy On Hold published its annual list of 7 Things To Never Say In Your Message On Hold. In this video, Easy On Hold president Julie Cook highlights just a few of the “never-say-again” message on hold phrases.


Do not use the word “momentarily”.

If you’re at a party and you need to leave the room do you say, “Excuse me, I’ll be back momentarily”? Of course not. Yet, “We’ll be with you momentarily” rears its formal head in thousands of on hold messages, making callers want to hang up.

Do not say you’re busy helping other callers.

Here’s another one: “We’re busy helping other customers at this time, and we’ll be with you in a moment.” Now you know what that’s really saying, “We’re too busy to help YOU at this time. Just wait your turn.” That really scores high on the customer relationship scale!

Do not say “Your call is important”

And the big one, the one we hear about all the time: “Your call is important,” or, “We know your time is valuable.” This prompts callers to think, “Well, if my time is so valuable, why am I on hold?”

The average person spends 1.2 years of life waiting on hold! Nearly every business has hold time, whether they care to admit it or not. From 30 seconds to 10 minutes or more.

But when you put people on hold at your business, get rid of the fake, formal corporate speak the no one really uses. Talk to you caller like you would a friend, or someone who’s just walked through your door for the first time. Don’t use those stiff phrases that have become the “go-to” formula for on hold scripts when you don’t know what else to say.

How about, “We’re really glad you called us today,” or, “Our brand new web site is full of great information that will really help you on your search for x y z, etc.”

Be helpful. Be informational. But more than anything, be real.

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You can read more of these banished phrases at: https://easyonhold.com/blog/2013-list-of-banished-message-on-hold-phrases/

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