The On Hold Marketing Solution You’ve Been Looking For


searchingYou know what being on hold is. Not something you look forward to. Your customers aren’t too crazy about it either. So you want to put something in place that will be better than the silence. Maybe some music.

On Hold Option #1: Bad On Hold Music

But so much of that royalty free music is so bad.

Play the bad music. It’s generated by electronics by a hopeful musician with a keyboard. The on hold company uses this to avoid paying royalties.

For a vivid set of “bad on hold music” samples, check out this post at Wired Magazine:

 On Hold Option #2: Spoken Greetings

Maybe some spoken messages would be better. Unfortunately, what you commonly hear is something like, “Please stay on the line, your call is important to us…” Too bad so many of these “on hold greetings” sound so cheesy and insincere.  (Play the actual samples of meaningless hold messages, below.)

Option #3: Useful Information

Maybe something more specific, like your products and services. You could say, “Ask us about getting better results with our newest service…” Useful information. OK, that’s better.

But what happens when that “something new” isn’t so new anymore. Changing the message is a hassle right? And when you have more than one location to handle, it’s even more of a hassle.

A Better Way: Professional On Hold Marketing

By now you’re thinking, “it’s the twenty-first century, isn’t there a better way to do this?” Yes, there is a better way, and it’s easier than you think.

Welcome to the on hold marketing solution you’ve been looking for. Callers want you to be real, and credible, without insulting their intelligence. So you need a smarter solution.

The Easy On Hold Anytime Plan provides a free on hold message player that stays up to date hour by hour. It knows what time of day it is, so callers hear, “good morning” or “good afternoon”, just the same way you would greet customers who walk through your front door.

You aren’t limited to a 4-minute loop, or a fixed number of updates with this plan. Your messages will stay fresh, automatically, and change on a schedule that matches your overall marketing plan. Announcements come on when you want, and come off when you want, without waiting for any tape or CD to come in the mail… without any downloading or file-handling, and without driving all over town to handle extra locations. It all happens over the Internet—you know, from the cloud.

Timed, Scheduled Announcements Mean Never Playing An Out Of Date Message

Have a special event coming up? Promote it with short easy-to-remember announcements, right up to the date it happens. Then the next day, without touching it, your on hold marketing machine switches to your next great customer-pleasing offer. (Play example, below.)

It’s kind of like having a radio DJ in your phone system. But easier. A lot easier. In fact, once your Anytime Plan and Smart on Hold Player are set up, you won’t have to do anything except log in to your Easy On Hold account, make changes or request an update and hit submit. Approve your audio and it gets loaded to all of your locations simultaneously. Simple. Fast.

Want to learn more? Meet with us for a short webinar or just pick up the phone to get more details. You know what being on hold is. Find out what professional on hold marketing can do to improve your image and your bottom line.

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