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Automotive, Sales, Service, Specialties

automotive messages on hold customer

Rob Hiner of
"Everything turned out great. The voice over was just what we were looking for."

trucking messages on hold customer

Tami Phelps of
"We just heard our production and love it!!! We are ready for our customers to be informed and entertained when on hold. Thank you for the great work! I already have everything up and running; it was very easy."


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Justin Vance

"We are completely 150% satisfied, you guys did an amazing job! Sounds fantastic as usual... well done!"

Club, Organization

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Jared Wilke

"Thanks for your thorough research. Everything is good to go."

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Paul Horencamp

"You guys went above and beyond on the messaging."

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Angela Wijesinghe

"The new on hold messages for Professional Photographers Of America Imaging USA convention sound great."

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Jill Hanson

"This on hold system works great! Pleased with the outcome."

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Jared Wike

"Perfect! It's been great working with you all."

Construction & Concrete

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Adam Urbanowicz

"Awesome job. Fast turn around time and very professional.

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Jack Delperdang

"Custom on hold messaging offers useful information that makes the on-hold process less boring and painful while reducing dropped calls. Unlimited, easy and automatic message changes makes Easy On Hold the right solution for improving customer service".

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Ras Douglas

"Julie we like this script. In fact, we love it. Very original."

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Michael Shea

"I feel like we moved up a notch with the professional on hold message you have provided for Carbonneaus."

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Terry Lynch

"Thank you. I appreciate your help. The on hold music sounds great!"

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Mike Rockwood

"Thanks for proactively auditing our message. I really appreciate it."

Dental & Orthodontic

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Tamara Darilek,

"You guys are great. Outstanding product."

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Lauren Kendall

"The customer support is excellent. I enjoyed working with your company."

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Dr. Ben Balevi

"We were very impressed with the script. Excellent. I wish every group of people we did business with was as talented, efficient and pleasant as the Easy On Hold team."

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Dr. Mark Hochberg

"We appreciate the quick production time and variety of on-hold music selections."

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Dr Peter J Zwier DDS, MAGD

"EasyOnHold rocks! We are so happy with the custom message recorded for our practice. There was little we had to do on our end to receive amazing service and quality follow-up."

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Dr. Maria-Isabel Atique

"We are very satisfied with the result."


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Amanda Frey

"The new on hold messages for Peirce College sounds great."


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Rick Buehrer

"We are very pleased with Easy On Hold. We tell others about your service whenever we can."

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Kate Gallagher,

"I love how user-friendly your website's account management is."

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Amanda Hadley

Coastal Equipment Corp.

"Everyone we work with is very nice and very helpful! All of our on hold messages were ready very quickly! Great company to work with!"

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John Chesney

"We have had an excellent experience with you guys."

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Brenda Wiebe

"I appreciate how efficient you are!"

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David Singh

"The automated attendant greetings are perfect."

Eye Care, Optical

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Lori Maldanado

Newman & Taub Vision Center

"Your company name says it all, you are truly "easy on hold". Great staff, professional product."

Financial, Bank, Credit Union

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Lacey Johnson

"I always receive prompt response whenever I have any type of question."

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Michael Ceschini

"The production changes were good and I was able to save to the USB drive and all is working. Thanks for your quality follow up."

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Mandy Wolfe

"It's a pleasure working with Easy On Hold."

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Mike Thomas

"The new on hold audio is fantastic. We plan to use them immediately!"

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Dawn Blain

"Great on hold messages. I appreciate the quick turnaround."

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Erica Barber

"You're the best. Thanks for the help."

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Brad R. Warner

"We have seen loan volume increase threefold since adding Easy On Hold. We need to target our spending to make the most of our marketing resources."


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Todd Grimm

"You've hit a home run here! Sounds awesome. Our Public Affairs Specialist in D.C. is so impressed with this that she is taking it to all of the Eastern Region State Directors."

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Kenneth Caudle

"Excellent job on the production! Thank you."

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Roxy Zikuhr

"I had no idea this would be so easy on my end. Thanks."


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Sophia Lloyd

JAI Medical Center

"Just listened to the new message on hold for our medical office. We loved it! The voice was spot on."

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David Walton

"Great! I enjoyed working with you. Ready for the voice mail attendant recordings."

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Jen Miranda

"Excellent, EASY and Effortless. I would recommend this service to EVERYONE!"

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Carol Douglas

homestead community pharmacy

"The message on hold is perfect.I enjoyed the service provided—the process was very easy, even for a person who is non-technical."

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Dr. Dewitt

"We really like the finished message on hold. Cant wait to work on the next one."

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Tina M. Long

Parker Med Spa

"I have used Easy on Hold messages for probably 10 years. Their customer service is amazing. As busy as I am, their reminder emails, for me, are even better. The reminder emails let me know that I need to redo my on hold message. I can even give them information and they will write the on hold message for me. They are on the ball with immediately turning around the message; so, I can listen to it and get it uploaded immediately. Thank you Easy on Hold for making my business better by communicating with my clientele, when we have to put them on hold, about new services were doing or anything else I want to communicate to them."

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Sandi Duxbury

RI Medical Imaging

"Compared to MUZAK, EasyOnHold is a breath of fresh air. The entire process was straightforward and I always had someone that I could call with questions."

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Bryanna Charbonneau

"Easy on hold is great! Whenever I have a question, they are always very quick to respond and so helpful! Love working with them!"

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Stacey Futterman

Five Point P.T.

"It has been such a pleasure to work with your company! Other companies should learn from yours! Excellent customer service and a great product!".

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Nemuel Cruz

Great Scott Enterprises

"We are very pleased with the quality of services and products. The turn around time and phenomenal customer service is impeccable."

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Susan Lueders

"THANK YOU for making this such an easy process! I wish all business entities could do things this simple :-)".

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Angi Bittle

Horizon Family Medicine

"I love the ease of use when we need to change a message. It's simple and quick!"

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Karina Boll

"I listened to the message on hold and it sounds great."

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Joe Mauk

"Awesome as always. Thanks for the quick turnaround."


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Kelly Jordan

"Just heard the new message on hold. This is PERFECT! Thank you."

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Joseph Lobosco

Sounds great! Installed into our system and getting great feedback"


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Todd Riley

Automatic Systems Company

"Great experience. Things couldn't have gone smoother."

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Joyce Sawford

"The auto attendant has been installed and sounds great!"

Marketing & Communications

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Gretchen Johnson

WordPlay Marketing & Communications

"On hold messages are a phenomenal value!"

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Joe Mauk

"Thank you very much for the quick turnaround. As always it sounds great."

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Gary Rosner

"I worked with many companies, but none have exceeded my expectations like Easy On Hold. They do everything they promise, and more. The Zinman And Company on hold message is "magnifico" and your production group got it 100% right on the first try. Truly a professional result! Great job!"

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Cait Downey

"The change to the music was very necessary, and your quick and reliable service was just what we needed to get it done."

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Dennis Beck

"The demo is a great start. We want to move forward."

Retail & Wholesale

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Ashish Bhatia

"Everyone loved your overhead announcement so much we are going to be expanding our overhead announcement program."

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Juan L. Bañuelos

"I am really pleased with the product and customer service your team has provided the entire way through. I would use your service again and recommend it."

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Steve Radebaugh

"The on hold production sounds great. Thank you so much for taking the initiative on sending us these scripts. Your intuitive response to, I assume our most recent marketing email, was a godsend. You guys are awesome!"

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Dave Gilbert

"Professional and fast. I wouldn't use anyone else."

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Courtney Wilkins

"Adding Easy On Hold messages on hold and in-store music and messaging makes our life easier!"

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Molly Meulenbroek

"I'll be in touch soon to get my holiday on hold scripts ready."

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Toby Baran

"We are thrilled with this recording!"

Restaurant, Food Service

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Darin Lucas

"Easy on Hold is a great company. I have relied on Easy On Hold for all of my "on-hold" telephone productions for nearly twenty years without a hitch. Easy On Hold is by far the best telephone message production company in the market today!"

Recreation, Entertainment, Sports

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Daniel Steinfeld

"I would recommend Easy on Hold to anyone looking for a new way to reach their clients in a consistent and non-intrusive manner."

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Kevin Langford

"The new message on hold .mp3 files sound awesome."

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Alex Ferarri

"Excellent. Thanks for the quick turnaround."

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Nichole Elise

"Thank you for your prompt responses. I am really pleased with the results. Really love the customer service! Everyone has a friendly, professional demeanor, and the follow up processes are terrific. Also, I appreciate the efficiency of how quickly scripts are recorded and submitted for approval."

Salon & Spa

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David Bakir

"Hey production team: the on hold messages sound great!"


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Corey Tyriver

"I recommend Easy On Hold as a marketing tool. They specialize in a new streaming technology with a "Pandora-like" hold experience that no other provider is offering. Very cool stuff."

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Donny Cox

"Easy On Hold is great to work with and produces quick turn around time with top quality work. We have used their custom message on hold services for several years and continue to receive compliments regarding our on-hold messages. Nice job, team, on the messages on hold."

Software, I.T., Technical

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David Smith

"Thanks for reminding me to update our on-hold marketing. Your emails aren't just fluff, they give specific ideas and tasks with links to make it happen."

Image description

Louis Tafuto

"We are very impressed. We have the same business philosophy as you: create a plan, offer the plan to our customer and pay only if you're satisfied."

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Lisa Cibellis

"You are consistently a great company to work with—thanks!"

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Melissa Brady

"Kim from Easy On Hold was a huge help in our search for a better music on hold system. I will gladly recommend Easy on Hold in the future."

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Ronnie Munoz

"Keep up the amazing work and speedy turn-around times!"

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Lisa Cibellis

"The new on hold messages sound great. Thank you SO much."

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"Thanks to the Easy On Hold sales and production teams for a great experience."

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Liz Ferreira

"Beautiful job, and the voices are amazing."

Image description

Chris Ronk

"We are very happy with the recordings. Great work!!"

Image description

Paul Andree

It's easy to do business with you guys—you make me look good.


Image description

Shannon R. Henson

"We LOVE the work you all did for our short cartoon! Thank you so much for helping us accomplish our first animated ad!"

Trucking, Logistics, Transportation

Image description

Jim Wood

"The new on hold messages for January 2014 sound great. Always appreciate your fast service."

Image description

Sergio Aranda

"Buying experience, production quality—great! Keep up the good work."

Image description

Josh Miller

"We are very happy with our On Hold Audio Production. Thank you for your hard work on this. We look forward to working with you in the future."

Image description

Melinda D'Agostino

"The on hold tracks are exactly what we wanted."


Image description

David Sadley

Texas Power

"You guys are awesome thanks!"

Veterinary, Animal Health, Products, Services

Image description

Stacey Ward

"I have to say we are very impressed with the customer service your company has shown on so many levels. Thank you for your attentive and prompt service."

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Brett Hirschberg

"Easy On Hold recordings: really nice job!"