Credit Union Messages On Hold Engage Members


Why Credit Union Messages On Hold?

listening to credit union message on hold perhapsEarlier in 2016fff, Easy On Hold participated in the Michigan Credit Union League Marketing and Lending Conference in Kalamazoo, MI. We had a theme of, “Do You Just Happen To Be Obsessed With Member Engagement.” because in the credit union environment, you’ve got to engage members. Specifically, we want to share ideas for Credit Union Messages On Hold & In-Branch Music.

As a credit union marketing professional, you need people to join the credit union and you need members to use your product and services.

Credit Union Messages On Hold Called “Number One” Marketing Idea For Credit Unions

Brandon Gaille has a million daily readers on his blog. He says the number one marketing idea that credit union should be following is utilizing. Read article.

Your customers hate waiting on-hold, but it is a good opportunity to expose them to new products that they might find beneficial. Whether it is low interest rates on a new car loan or a new package of mortgage products that you’ve just started, let them know about this while they’re waiting for help and you’ll give them a chance to ask questions.

The Financial Brand blog also talks about on hold marketing. Take a look!

Do You Know What’s On Hold?

When we talk to credit union marketing managers, we ask, “What do you have on hold?” Some have voice and music and some just silence. Others just have music playing (maybe it’s the radio station or maybe they just didn’t know where the music was coming from).

It’s interesting because asking “what do you have on hold” really baffles people, because often they really don’t know.

On hold is tucked away in the phone system, and it’s easy to forget about. When that call comes in, and the auto attendant picks up, or the call center human picks up, the call is eventually put into the hold queue. The caller either hear something really exciting and engaging or something really bad.

Maybe you’re not thinking about what’s on hold, but your callers are.

Bad On Hold Is Easy To Find

twitter post - please change your on hold musicBad music on hold is one of the most tweeted topics on Twitter. People hate to be on with call centers and have just a bad experience while they’re waiting and they do take to Twitter. Just go to Twitter and search bad music on hold, or bad call center on hold. See what you find, it’s kind of funny. Here’s the truth, hold time is a reality for callers.

Peak Caller Times Increase Hold Time

There are peak times during the day when inbound calls have to be parked on hold until someone can get to them. I know at my credit union when I call, if I call between 11am and 2pm I will have a long hold time, because people are in the branch getting help, on lunch hours or the reps are out for lunch.

Can Credit Union Messages On Hold Be Uplifting?

What if we flip the tables on being on hold at your credit union? What if being on hold could light up your caller’s day. What if it could be fun, compelling, feature great music and sound fresh and current?

On Hold Messages: Unchanged Since The 1960’s

old phone and radioOn hold messaging has been around since the 1960s. Unfortunately the on hold industry, still acts like it’s a 50 years old. You take a four minute loop of music (just one single style of music), then you layer voiced advertisements over the top. The first problem is, it’s boring to hear these messages come in and out over one loop of music. Since all the messages sound the same, over this one single loop of music, the caller will tune it out.

The other problem with this old method is that when this four minute loop is over, it goes back to the beginning and I can tell as a caller when it’s starting over again. When that happens, I perceived that I’ve been on hold for a long time and I’m frustrated with you. With your brand, with your credit union, whatever.

Above all, remember this: If you message on hold is formatted the “old way” with voices over a single loop of music, you are merely reminding the caller of the last time they were on hold and had a bad experience. You’ll will never break through.

Generic vs. Time Sensitive Topics

Are you using on-hold time to promote current time sensitive topics? If so, you now have to remember to remove out-of-date files on time, so your caller isn’t hearing about a loan promotion this month that ended last month. In an act of self defense, marketers stick with generic content that has no urgency.

“You know what? We’re just going to put generic content on there and not change it for five years.”

That’s what’s happening every day all day, and it’s too bad. Seems a waste of your members’ time.

21st Century Approach To A 20th Century Idea

Here are some ways we have reinvented credit union messages on hold:

  • Easy On Hold uses live internet streaming to deliver messages that have automatic start and stop dates. You don’t want “Jingle Bells” playing in January, and you won’t if it has been programmed to stop on New Year’s Eve.
  • We insist on short and memorable topics. What can someone remember in 20 seconds?
  • Relevant topics that can lead members to action make on-hold time valuable. The caller feels as though she has had a “value-added” experience with your credit union.
  • Writers must write “for the ear”. This is what is called the “writer’s voice”. Announcements must use active words and make listening easy, fun and interesting. The attitude is, “We’re just talking to them one on one.”
  • Easy On Hold has created topical architecture. Rather than one track of music that’s under all of your messages, each message has its own track of music wrapped around it. Callers enjoy a variety of different ideas that sound different one from the next. When the music comes to an end and then the next music starts in, callers are given the queue that new information is on its way. Altogether, you have a really nice listening experience.

Take the idea of on hold, and then take it with this new topical architecture, and our streaming and this cool portal where you can update your social and you got a beautiful marketing program that just cost a few bucks a day, if even that.

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