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How X-Blue X-16 Plays Music On Hold Stream

X-Blue X-16 Plays Music On Hold Stream

Small businesses have been cheering the X-16 phone system by X-Blue for its value-priced features. Essentially, it’s an “on-site” IP-PBX phone system that lets you use existing phone lines for a low-cost step-up from plain old telephone service.

External Music On Hold Input

The X-16 system comes standard with one music on hold input which can be
connected to an external music source, such as the new streaming music on hold player offered free with the Easy On Hold streaming music and messaging service.
The default setting for the hold condition on the X-16 is silence.
How to Activate Music On Hold From An External Player (Source)
Instructions are found here:http://xbluenetworks.com/x16-support/music-on-hold.html, however we will briefly go over the steps needed to activate the external music on hold function on the X-16.
Basically, there are two programming choices for music on hold: internal or external. We want external, which means the phone system will use the source that is plugged in to the 3.5mm MOH port on the phone control box, referred to as the communications server. (See diagram below.) To change this programming to external, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Program button on the phone
  2. Scroll to System Setup (use the navigation buttons next to the display to scroll up or down)
  3. Press Enter (the center navigation button next to the display)
  4. Dial the setup password (#### is default) and press Enter
  5. Scroll down to Music Source and press Enter to make your choice of External

At this point, the phone system is sourcing the music on hold jack on the back of the communications server. Whatever is playing will be broadcast to callers on hold.

The input jack is located between the line 1 jack and the the INIT switch. It is a standard ⅛ inch (3.5mm) mono audio jack. A patch cable is required to go between the audio player and the X16. (You may use the RCA to RCA type patch cable included with your MOH device, along with the RCA to 3.5mm converter plug on the end going into the X-16 box.)

X-Blue X-16 Music On Hold External Player Set Up Diagram Help SupportClick on image for larger size.

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