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A Little Creativity For Your Phone On Hold Message Scripts

How much creativity should be used for your phone on hold message?

Trivia - Did you Know?Did you know that tipping in Iceland is considered rude? Or have you heard that hunting mice without a license is illegal in Cleveland? Singing the alphabet in public at night in Topeka Kansas is also illegal. Trivial you say? Indeed. But is this appropriate content for customer phone on hold messaging?

Educating Callers

You learn something every day, from all kinds of sources. You could learn that the temperature of a lightning bolt is hotter than the sun at 50,000 degrees while holding at Staker Parson, a provider of quality sand, rock, landscape products, ready-mixed concrete, asphalt, paving materials. Of course, you ‘ll also learn about products, services, special business hours, and even “good morning” and “good afternoon” greetings while on hold.

Creativity In Phone On Hold Messages

“There are pros and cons,” explains Easy On Hold President Julie Cook. “We’ve never recommended a trivia-only script for messages on hold, but with hold times upwards of 5 to 6 minutes, a bit of creativity and fun can work. A lighthearted approach might work for your company.” You need to think about your brand and your company image, Cook says. “Trivia can come across as cheesey, which is an image you may not want connected to your brand.” Cook says the trivia you use can be about your company or product. In that way, you’re bringing in some listener interaction, while staying on-topic. “Use it as a segue to a branding point about your product, she recommends.” The result is a caller experience that’s good for business.

Script Ideas With Trivia

Did you know that more than three million miles of dental floss is sold every year in North America? In case you’re wondering, here at Dr. Colby’s office, we still provide free floss with your check-up! Make your appointment soon. You’ve probably heard, “That’s a 10-4 good buddy.” It’s trucker talk for “OK”. Any idea what a 10-36 is? That’s like saying, “What time is it? Right about now it’s time to say, “thanks for calling Sterling Logistics” — we’re coming right back to your call. You get the idea!

What About Humor On Hold?

Cook suggests that brief and interesting trivia can be used in proper proportion to meatier, helpful content callers appreciate. Avoid all-out humor, however. “What one person thinks is funny may not be to someone else, ” Cook says.

Phone On Hold Tips For Creativity and Greater Variety

If you’re looking for some creativity in your on hold message mix, here are 5 tips:

  1. The mix of content must be balanced against the length of hold time. If hold times are under 2 minutes, use trivia sparingly.
  2. It’s best to keep paragraphs focused on a single topic.
  3. Change up the music. Variety makes hold time seem shorter and more interesting.
  4. Use both male and female voices for additional variety.
  5. Try, try again.  How something looks on paper may be quite different from how it sounds when spoken. Use the option to refine and re-record, provided by Easy On Hold.