First Time Music On Hold Buyer Insights

Music On Hold buyer is confused!

Music On Hold buyer is confused!First Time Music On Hold Buyer Insights

Are you skeptical about buying music on hold? I don’t blame you. After all, there are many choices out there, including radio and .mp3 audio. But I have discovered a better source for keeping callers on the line and focused on doing business! Music on hold with custom voiced messages.

I am a music on hold novice.

As a graduating senior at Western Michigan University, I attended the winter job fair. One company really caught by attention. The representatives explained that this company produced audio messages for phone systems. I had heard the phrase “music on hold”, but did not consider that this term also applied to voiced messages, or announcements. I did some studying on line and found that there’s a great deal of evidence to support the idea of improving business by using marketing messages callers can hear while they wait on hold. I also noticed that Easy On Hold ( shows up usually as number 1, 2 or 3 in the Google searches. That tells me that this company is a leader in their field. I came on board with Easy On Hold and began to learn more.

It’s all about the caller.

During my training sessions, I learned about messages on hold and how scripts are created based on information and news that callers find interesting. Then I placed a few phone calls to existing Easy On Hold customers who used music on hold and messages on hold. As I talked to the marketing managers and I.T. managers who actually buy music on hold messages, I learned that music on hold was very important to them. Not only did it assure the caller that they were still connected, but custom announcements kept callers focused on the business they were calling. Quickly, I arrived at the conclusion that the right way to set up a music on hold message system is to pay close attention to the caller.

  • Why is the caller reaching out; what is the purpose of the call?
  • What topics and information will the caller find interesting?
  • What action can the caller take after learning about something interesting?

Understanding a choice of music on hold system features.

It’s important to know something about your own phone system before making a purchase for messages and music on hold. If you don’t have an I.T. person at your company, scan the web page on how music on hold systems work.

How does the on hold message sound get played on my phones?

Read about music on hold installation.

What’s best, music only or music with messages?

Music alone will not generate interest in your business specifically. Sometimes, however, there are conditions (such as a shared phone system) that prevents custom messaging from being applied.

Then, think about how often you would like to change the content.

Ask yourself:

  • Do we have repeat callers?
  • Do we have a seasonal business?
  • Do we introduce new services, features, products, updates, etc. over time?
  • Are we using marketing messages elsewhere (media, social, web) that could be supported with on hold messages?

You can either get a one time message with nothing more to buy, or sign up for an affordable monthly plan. There will be a lower up front cost to go with a monthly program, and there may be more flexibility in changing out messages throughout the year.

Additional help is available.

There are some great articles that cover the basics you need to know when you’re seeking out a music on hold solutions, such as:

How To Choose An On Hold Company.

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