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New Message and Music On Hold Stream Solves Problems for I.T., Marketing


Angry IT TechnicianWe heard you loud and clear, all you I.T. and marketing folks (and my own tech team) who are tired of the hassles of conventional on hold message marketing equipment and software. And that’s why we developed streaming architecture for analog, PBX and hosted PBX (VOIP). We believe our solution, a live message and music on hold stream, will clear up the major headaches you’ve been complaining about.

What have been the major hassles? Here’s the top 5:

1. Glitchy, cumbersome internet-load units and software: If your marketing strategy includes on hold marketing, such as time-sensitive sales, information, promotions, etc., the only way to really manage those start and stop dates, up to now, has been internet-connected devices that you plug into your network, and either manage the software yourself or hire it out to a vendor like Easy On Hold to manage your content for you. But the ones we’ve sold to the public, and purchased and hosted for our own customers, have been difficult to use for many reasons. From hardware failures to outdated software that’s only compatible with Windows XP (!), we’ve spent precious time troubleshooting issues that are inherent in the systems themselves. We knew there had to be a more modern, easier way to provide a hands-free, multiple-location, granular scheduling method. The new Easy On Hold message and music on hold stream, played through an internet radio device (we’re having great success with Grace Digital’s streaming players) means your audio is no longer managed by clunky software and devices with quirky operating systems.

2. Having to handle files for a USB player, CD player, cassette player, or your phone system. You’re busy and you may have more than one location you’re juggling. To continue to use basic players like USBs and CD/cassette players, or to load a file into the phone system every time there’s an update, seems unheard of at this time in the technology world. Somebody has to load those files and it’s usually you. In the case of USB/CD/Cassette players, replace them with our streaming player and architecture–we provide a custom URL for your company, load it onto your streaming player, and you plug it in. From that point forward, every update is changed into your stream in real-time, just like using Pandora. If you need files for your phone system and are using Asterisk (aka Elastix and Trixbox) or OnSIP, you don’t need a player. Just take the unique URL we’ll create for you and load it into your account one time–all updates automatically update your message and music on hold stream in the future.

3. Boring 4-minute loops–the yawn factor of typical messages on hold. One long four-minute track, interrupted by spoken content every 20-30 seconds, has been the standby, traditional approach to on hold for decades. It’s been a turnoff for professional marketers and callers, especially when you hear the loop start over–that’s when you know you’ve really been on hold a long time! So what if on hold sounded completely different? Rather than one long music track, how about giving each announcement or paragraph its own music track that sounds different than the others on your channel? And what if, instead of repeating in the same pattern, the spots played back randomly so that the on hold experience was never the same twice for your callers. And, even better, what if you could dictate when certain announcements are heard–like your flu shot clinic ‘spot’ being heard more frequently than other topics, to be sure callers get the most valuable content? With your own customized music and message on hold stream, you’re able to schedule every announcement with results in mind. Or have us do it. It’s up to how hands on you want to be.

4. Files start from the beginning on hosted VOIP systems. VOIP is great until you realize that the music on hold part of the system can only start the file from the beginning every time you place a caller on hold–even within the same phone call. This has caused a lot of trouble for many companies whose brand demands a better on hold experience than that for their callers. We developed streaming compatibilities with Asterisk (Trixbox and Elastix) and with OnSIP, providing the user a URL that they load into their account, and the streams are in real-time, just like Pandora or Netflix. We are developing more solutions with other hosted VOIP providers too. Be on the lookout for these new developments, or tell us which one you need streaming for and we’ll get to work.

5. Lack of access for end users to manage their own playback schedules for each on hold spot and make changes in real time from anywhere. Easy On Hold provides a unique log in for each user to start, pause, and schedule their individual announcements for a custom, granular schedule. Users can also give certain announcements a higher frequency “weight” so they play more often than others in the stream. All changes happen in real-time.

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